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After all

I like living things.

animals, insects and plants

There are also fictional creatures called youkai.

I think it looks different,
Distorted and ugly colors and shapes

characteristics that the creature needs in order to survive,
or not at all.


Such a place

tremendouslyadorable and funnyThat's what I think.

The story of why it happened now

My childhood dream is to be a painter.
Of course, bugs also love animals, especially chickens, bees, and snails.
When I graduated, I painted a self-portrait of myself wearing a beret in front of a canvas.
However, I told my late elementary school teacher, "Since painting is a job that only one person out of tens of thousands of people do, why don't you think more specifically about what kind of job you want to do with painting? For example, computer graphics." They said. I see, first of all, it's realistic to think that you can't be one of those tens of thousands of people.

I love to make things, so in junior high school I wanted to become a clothing designer. Then you can really make a painting a job.
"I want to do a job related to clothes."

As a high school student who runs with that one dream, I made my own clothes. When you say that you're cute, or that you're amazing, you'll get carried away and become good at it. I was very happy to be praised.

After that, I graduated from a fashion school and got a job as an apparel designer.
However, there are two problems here.

First, I should be happy to receive direct praise, but the distance to the customer is far away. I just make sewing instructions. Sewing is also a sewing factory, not yourself. It's not me who gives it to the person who wears it, but the salesperson = I can't see the person who is happy.
and secondly,very worrisome.In those days, fashion changed drastically every season, and trendy clothes were no longer needed in one season. In other words, I have seen many times how clothes made with a lot of materials and people's hands are disposed of without being worn by anyone.
Humans like birds, cats, and bears who don't have fine fur do that. is it OK.
Humans are just one kind of animal.

See you soon
Then talk about what to do with yourself.


Draw a picture of your favorite creature

Be sure to be loved by that one person for as long as possible,
Created through trial and error so that you can use it without waste,

A slightly unusual wallet called "Mamepo"
Sewing it all by myself from the beginning to the end,

Hand it over to the customer.

A painter, a garment factory, a salesperson, and a living creature with no shame.


that's my biggest dream

That dream is now.

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