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About ​Mamepo

How to use Mamepoand care, all about the details.


How to use Mamepo


Mamepo has a round body and a ring with a diameter of 22 mm,
It is made of a cord with eggplant hooks on both ends.
Keys and favorite key holders to carry around on the ring

Folded bills and coins on the main body,
I store approximately ten pieces of cards in an inner pocket,

​ just put it on your wrist
For bag handles and pants belt loops
You can keep it connected.

​In addition, since it passes magnetism,
If you put your transportation card in the back,
You can easily make payments by touching Mamepo.



About shape, size and material

That bean-like shape
I didn't want it to be a bean shape.
Mamepo but not beans.

A compact wallet

The corners get damaged the more you use them.
The more you like it, the more it hurts.
Therefore, so that it will not be damaged even if it is put in and taken out of the pocket of clothes frequently,
Drop the dismantled denim pants into the pattern paper,
I thought about taking it in and out with plenty of room.
The result is a bean-like shape with the position of the fastener
It has become.

Vertical 12 x Horizontal 9 x Depth 2cm
With card pocket

Japanese cow leather 1.0mm thick
Crocodile leather (eye part only)
Lining 100% rayon




Caring for Mamepo


Mamepo is made from Japanese cow leather.

The surface becomes hard as if it was coated by the sebum and friction of the hands,
It is also resistant to dirt and moisture.
Do not cover the surface with a waterproof spray, etc.
We recommend that you use it frequently.


Also, if you would like to take care of
We recommend a natural wax called Ranapar.
You can purchase it for about 600 yen (small) on Amazon or Rakuten Ichiba.
It is a convenient tool that can remove stains and coat both leather and metal fittings.
You can also use it for shoes etc. for many years. (Search for "Ranapar".)


If you are concerned about dirt,
First of all, it can be improved somewhat by wiping with a cloth that has been dampened with water and tightly wrung out without using detergents.
Even if it doesn't come off with water, or if you accidentally get sticky with alcohol disinfection etc.
If you can apply a small amount of Ranapa to the fabric several times thinly,
The melted paint (sticky) will be wiped off, but the stickiness will be eliminated.

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