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ies design

I love you the most


ies design

Miki Nakarai


It is ies design.

12 years

I make only round wallets named Mamepo.


By spending time with Mamepo

I want to make someone's day fun.

funny, a little quirky,

Sometimes I design too much.



​Japanese leather accessories


Perfect for clothes pockets
Can be put in and taken out easily
Convenient and not easy to damage
something I like the most
Made from Japanese cow leather
round convenient wallet

List of past Mamepo


Shiba Inu Busaneko Lucky Cat Polar Bear

Elephant Zebra Raccoon Tiger Leopard Gorilla Rabbit Wild Boar Hedgehog Panda Hippopotamus Monkey Poodle Walrus Pig Sloth Asiatic Black Bear


Owl Crane Cockatiel Flamingo Shoebill Toco Toucan Budgerigar

[Reptiles, sea and river creatures]

Great White Shark Sea Turtle Octopus Frog Napoleon Fish Octopus Killer Whale Chameleon Goldfish Beluga

Nurarihyon, Gamanoke, Ushioni, Kappa, Amabie, Karasutengu, Inugami, Nue
[Noh mask/Japanese motif]

Face White Fox Hannya Lucky Cat Evil Tanuki Daruma Sea Bream Otohime

Fuji Mountain

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